For Love and Money

April 23, 2006 – June 4, 2006



For Love & Money – Our Tithes & Offerings – Why is it always so difficult to talk about money in church?  I know that there have been many abuses over the centuries by church leadership that have contributed to the feeling that “all that church wants is my money.”  But what does the Bible say about money?  This lesson delves into the Biblical basis for tithes & offerings to find answers for the tough questions about giving.  Our class did something unusual during the course of this lesson – it was suggested by a class member – we gave everyone a blank piece of note paper and said, “Ask ANYTHING you want about money, giving, tithing, etc.  Keep it anonymous.  And we’ll be sure to answer each question during the course of this lesson.”  The response was wonderful – a lot of tough questions were discussed in light of God’s Word.




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April 23, 2006






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June 4, 2006




For Love & Money – Our Tithes and Offerings                               5/06       4/08


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