Jesus and the Fallen Tower  9/11/11


There was that day, years ago, that the tower fell – a disaster that stunned the city and shocked the nation.  The first responders ran to the site and frantically began removing rubble – they knew some were already dead – but were hoping that many might be rescued.  Try as they might, many lives were lost that day.  Everyone in the city knew someone that had died in the tower’s collapse.  Many more families were affected by this tragedy.  The trauma of this disaster was carried in the hearts and lives of many for years afterward, but the hard questions began immediately:


- How could this tragedy happen?

- Where was God when the tower fell?

- How could a loving God allow this disaster to occur?

- Why God? Why did these people have to die?

- How can we possibly work through this tragedy? How can we possibly find meaning in   all this? How do you heal the loss of the families? Or the trauma of the first responders?

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September 11, 2011


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