Divine Disciplines

Divine Disciplines was originally a series of lectures given by professors at Amarillo College. It was originated through the Bible Chair of the Southwest to show how “academic learning can be accentuated by knowledge of the Bible.” Each professor tells how the Bible impacts their particular field of expertise.


The Fractal Nature of the Bible: Professor Shannon Cornell

Modern mathematical concepts surprisingly spring up throughout Scripture, and complex concepts, such as fractals and higher dimensional geometry, appear divinely imbedded within the Word of God.




Postmodern Pandemonium: Dr. Mary Dodson

Western thought, traditionally grounded in Christian Theism, has “progressed,” and this is clearly reflected in Postmodern literature. This understanding sheds light not only on current narratives but also on the chaos of today’s world.




Master Designs from the Master Planner: Professor Susan Burgoon

Scientists throughout time have recognized the compatibility between science and religion, drawing methods of explaining their faith from careful observation of nature’s intricate designs.




Music of Prophets, Priests and Kings: Dr. Nathan Fryml

Music is strongly associated with humanity’s ability to experience and express deep thought and emotion. Does this widespread fascination with organized sound have a source, or any lasting meaning?